ASSOMALTA strengthens the link between Italy and Malta by opening a representative office in Naples.

Assomalta - Opening of Naples Representative Office


Among the objectives of the association, that to make to become the new office of Naples, an operational hub between Italy and Malta, in order to strengthen commercial exchanges and collaborations in the field of the shipping and beyond.

Naples, 4 April 2024 – ASSOMALTA, the Italian-Maltese Trade Association, announces the opening of a representative office in Naples, at the Polo dello Shipping.

To give news the President of ASSOMALTA, Avv. Stefano Colombetti that has declared:

“The new office represents an ideal bridge between the southern regions of Italy and Malta, two geographical areas that boast a common history and a solid economic collaboration. ASSOMALTA is a point of reference for Maltese companies in Italy, operating in the various sectors of commerce, culture, tourism and European projects, encouraging the development of new trade and internationalization of businesses.”

Pole of the Shipping – Center of representation of ASSOAMALTA to Naples

The activities of ASSOMALTA

ASSOMALTA plays a key role in promoting and strengthening trade relations between Malta and Italy. The Association offers a wide range of services to its members, including:

  • Information: ASSOMALTA provides updated information on business opportunities and regulatory compliance in both countries.
  • Training: The Association, through its members, organizes webinars, training courses and professional refresher courses for the staff of associated companies.
  • Assistance: ASSOMALTA provides legal, contractual and fiscal assistance to its members through professional partnerships.
  • Networking: The Association organizes B2B events and meetings to encourage networking between Italian and Maltese companies.

The importance of the Naples office

“The opening of the Naples office is a strategic step for ASSOMALTA.” – said Sergio Passariello, Secretary General of the association ” – “Naples, with its port and its strategic position in the Mediterranean, represents a natural meeting point between Malta and Italy. The new headquarters will allow ASSOMALTA to be even closer to Maltese companies that have relations with the capital of Naples and Campania and to respond to their needs more effectively.”

“The synergy between our two geographical areas” – adds the Geom. Salvatore Palantra, ASSOMALTA Councillor with responsibility for the Southern Regions – “united by a common history and a solid Mediterranean vocation, is a key factor for economic growth and competitiveness on the international scene. I am pleased to be able to contribute to the development of new business opportunities and collaboration in strategic areas such as trade, culture, tourism and European projects.”

Declaration of Dr. Nicola Coccia, Associate ASSOMALTA and Referent of the Pole of the Shipping:

“We welcome with great enthusiasm the opening of the office of ASSOMALTA near the Pole of the Shipping of Naples. The presence of an association of reference like ASSOMALTA inside of our pole represents an added value for all the operating companies in the shipping and logistic field, is Italian that Maltese. The collaboration between ASSOMALTA and the Pole of the Shipping will favor the creation of new synergies and opportunities of business, strengthening the role of Naples like strategic hub in the Mediterranean.”

For more information on the initiatives of ASSOMALTA in Naples, you can contact the secretariat of the Association at +39 02 5518 1464 or email

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