What we do

Our mission: to strengthen economic and professional ties between Italy and Malta for a future of shared opportunities.

Explore our goals

Economia Sostenibile Assomalta

Sustainable economy

We promote sustainable economic growth by fostering investment, business partnerships and diversification in key sectors between Italy and Malta.

Global Networking

We create a global network of connections between entrepreneurs, professionals and institutions, enabling the exchange of knowledge and opportunities.

Professional Development

We promote training and professional development for members and partners, improving skills and competitiveness in the international market.

Scambi Culturali - Assomalta

Cultural Exchanges

We promote intercultural understanding between Italy and Malta through cultural events and initiatives that celebrate diversity and tradition.

Supporto & Consulenza - Assomalta

Support & Advice

We promote support and advice through our partners to facilitate entry into the Italian or Maltese market, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.


We promote access to national and European funding to promote participation in development and innovation projects, supporting economic progress between Italy and Malta.

Explore our strengths

Global network

A vast network of global connections opening doors to new markets and opportunities.


Expanding abroad has never been easier. We provide support to simplify the process.

Local Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of the Italian and Maltese markets to guide you through the maze of opportunities.

Cultural Exchanges

We promote the sharing of the rich cultural traditions of Italy and Malta, strengthening the bond between our communities.

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