About us

We are the link that turns the idea of collaboration between Italy and Malta into a successful reality.

Our history


Assomalta was born

In 2013, Assomalta was born with the aim of creating a strong and lasting bond between Italy and Malta. Its history has deep roots in the desire of entrepreneurs and professionals to actively promote economic and professional cooperation between these two fascinating countries.


we strengthen the foundations

We revised our statutes, renewing them to reflect the evolving needs of our members and the challenges of the current business scenario. This organisational strengthening has laid the foundation for greater efficiency and clarity in the association’s activities.


The acceleration starts

After the global pandemic event, we embarked on an exciting relaunch phase, emphasising our commitment to facilitating cooperation between Italy and Malta. A significant step in this direction was the opening of our new offices in Milan, a key centre for Italian business.

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What we do

Assomalta is more than an association: we are the bridge connecting Italy and Malta. Our mission is clear – to strengthen and promote business and professional ties between these two nations, creating opportunities and win-win connections.

We are committed to facilitating business expansion, promoting knowledge sharing and fostering cultural exchanges, building a more prosperous and integrated economic future. Find out how we are constantly working to create successful connections between Italy and Malta.

Meet our team

Avv. Stefano Colombetti - Presidente Assomalta

Avv. Stefano Colombetti

Dr- Caterina Passariello - Vice Presidente Assomalta

Dr. Caterina Passariello

Vice President
Geom. Salvatore Palantra

Geom. Salvatore Palantra

Board member
Sergio Passariello - Segretario Generale Assomalta

Cons. Sergio Passariello

General secretary
Avv. Carmine D'Eredità - Vice segretario Assomalta

Avv. Carmine D’Eredità

Deputy Secretary General
Armando Littorino - Marketing Coordinator - Assomalta

Armando Littorino

Marketing Coordinator