Meeting with the Ambassador of Malta in Italy: new perspectives between the two countries.

Assomalta - Meeting with Ambassador of Malta in Italy - H.E. Carmel Vassallo


ASSOMALTA’s board of directors meets Ambassador H.E. Gen. Carmel Vassallo to discuss future programmes and strengthen business and cultural ties between Malta and Italy.

Recently, our Board of Directors had the honour of being received by the Ambassador of Malta to Italy, H.E. Gen. Carmel Vassallo. During the meeting, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, we had the opportunity to present to the Ambassador our plans for the future and the initiatives aimed at relaunching the association.

The discussion focused on strengthening the commercial and cultural ties between Italy and Malta, an objective that we particularly care about and that we believe can bring concrete benefits to both countries.

The Ambassador showed much interest in our proposals and offered valuable insights on how we can work together to achieve our common goals. This meeting represents an important step in our efforts to strengthen Italian-Maltese relations and provides us with further motivation to enthusiastically continue on our path.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Ambassador of Malta in Italy, for his availability and welcome, and we pledge to keep this collaboration alive, working with dedication and commitment to realise our future projects.

Assomalta - Meeting with Ambassador of Malta in Italy 2 - H.E. Carmel Vassallo
From left: Sergio Passariello (Assomalta General Secretary) – H.E. Gen. Carmel Vassallo – Stefano Colombetti (Assomalta President) – Salvatore Palantra (Assomalta Councillor)

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