How we can support

We are here to support your success through a range of services and opportunities. Find out how we can be your ally in growth.

Your guide to success

At Assomalta, our mission is to be your trusted partner, whether you are a business or a professional. We promote a wide range of services designed to facilitate your success in the Italian and Maltese markets.

Guida verso il successo Assomalta

Our proposals to support you

This is how Assomalta is at your side for development in the Italian and Maltese markets:

  • We facilitate the expansion of companies in the Italian and Maltese markets by promoting regulatory and commercial assistance.
  • We offer networking opportunities to connect companies and professionals with potential partners and collaborators.
  • We keep our members and partners updated on growth opportunities in key sectors between Italy and Malta.
  • We promote intercultural understanding through cultural events and initiatives that celebrate the diversity between Italy and Malta.

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