The union that makes strength between Italy and Malta

Uniting, promoting, growing: the commercial and cultural bridge between Italy and Malta.

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ASSOMALTA, the Maltese-Italian Trade Association, is the beating heart of economic, cultural and artistic relations between Italy and Malta. With the aim of developing, promoting and consolidating strong and lasting ties, ASSOMALTA engages in a wide range of activities: from the organisation of professional networking events, to support for start-ups and enterprises, to the promotion of sustainable development and technological innovation.


Why be part of it?

Joining ASSOMALTA means access to an exclusive network of business opportunities, professional support and cultural exchange.


Winning connections

ASSOMALTA is dedicated to promoting bilateral relations between Italy and Malta through networking events, trade fairs and cultural initiatives.


Accelerating success

Joining ASSOMALTA opens the door to a world of opportunities for companies, enabling them to exploit bilateral and international trade relations.

Find out more about our Articles of Association

To discover in detail ASSOMALTA’s vision, objectives and operational modalities, we invite you to request our Articles of Association. Fill in the form below to obtain a full copy of the document and discover how you can help strengthen ties between Italy and Malta.

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