EIT RIS HUB Malta and ASSOMALTA sign a strategic agreement to promote innovation and collaboration between Italy and Malta

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Assomalta - signing EIT RIS HIB Malta agreement


EIT RIS HUB Malta and ASSOMALTA will work together to enhance innovation and development between Italy and Malta, through the sharing of knowledge and joint projects.

Malta, 27 May 2024 – A new collaboration agreement has been signed in Malta, between EIT RIS HUB Malta and ASSOMALTA, the Italian-Maltese Trade Association, last May 24, with the aim of strengthening the links between Italy and Malta in the field of innovation and commercial development.

The agreement, signed by Diana Miceli, Community Officer of EIT RIS HUB Malta, and Stefano Colombetti, President of ASSOMALTA, provides for strong cooperation between the two organizations. The agreement aims to share information and best practices, as well as explore opportunities for collaboration in innovative projects and economic development.

Since 2022, Malta has benefited from significant funding from the EIT, with a total of EUR 1.38 million allocated to Maltese organisations. These funds were mainly used for activities related to higher education and support for local SMEs. The role of the hub is crucial in facilitating the participation of the local community in European innovation initiatives, creating a favourable environment for economic growth and sustainable development and Assomalta intends to spread the best, between the Italian-Maltese business community, these opportunities.

Assomalta - Diana Miceli - Stefano Colombetti firma accordo
Diana Miceli (EIT RIS HUB) and Stefano Colombetti (Assomalta)

Statements by the parties involved

Diana Miceli, Community Officer of EIT RIS HUB Malta, expressed enthusiasm for this new collaboration: “This agreement represents a significant step for EIT RIS HUB Malta. We are ready to work together with ASSOMALTA to promote innovation and create new opportunities for our communities.”

Stefano Colombetti, President of ASSOMALTA, highlighted the importance of this agreement: “The signing of this mou is a milestone for ASSOMALTA. It will strengthen research and innovation activities between Italy and Malta, encouraging economic growth and change in both countries.”

Sergio Passariello, Secretary General of ASSOMALTA, added: “We are proud of this partnership with EIT RIS HUB Malta. This collaboration will allow us to share knowledge and resources, offering new development opportunities for our members and the Italian-Maltese business community.”

Details of the agreement involving Malta and Italy

The agreement states that the two organizations will work together to share relevant information, exchange data and knowledge, and share best practices through best community experiences to improve organizational skills. They will work together to identify joint opportunities in innovation projects and shared activities, organise workshops, seminars and training sessions to improve staff skills, and disseminate information to members via email and social media.


For further information, please contact:

  • Diana Miceli – EIT RIS HUB Malta Community Officer
  • Email: malta@eitcommunity.eu
  • Sergio Passariello – Segretario Generale di ASSOMALTA
  • Email: segreteria@assomalta.com

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